Phil Mitchell’s stunt double and the fuck eyed bint jailed

Phil Mitchell’s stunt double and the fuck eyed bint jailed

7th March 2018 3 By Tuckered

Far right religious extremists and part time fleece models, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding have been jailed for hate crimes against Muslims.

If you’re not familiar with the pair they’re responsible for Britain First, you know, that ‘movement’ of paedophile obsessed, flag shagging, fuck brained degenerates, who turn up to your town by the dozen and trash a Wetherspoon’s.

Unbelievably they also have a huge online following, partly because a massive proportion of the British public are thick as pig shit (see Brexit) but mostly because they share the odd poppy meme, or photos of ‘are trupes’ that your gran will happily share like Polo mints on bus.

As well as selling badges, Golding (the one that looks like a potato found in a McCain’s reject bin) and Fransen (the hawk nosed, fuck eyed, walking screech) enjoy being racist cunts and harassing members of the public.

Now they’ve both been jailed for it. Good. They’re fucking cunts.



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