Don’t blame the crumbling NHS on fatties

Don’t blame the crumbling NHS on fatties

6th March 2018 0 By Tuckered

Another day, another group of people to blame for our failing NHS. First it was immigrants, then smokers and now it’s the obese, but it’s never the government who massively underfund it and wait patiently for it to collapse, so they have a justified reason for privatisation though is it?

Look, I’m sure fat cunts are a strain on the NHS. Massive coronary heart attacks can’t be cheap right, and what about all those massive beds and wheel chairs? Don’t get me started on removing fucking walls to get the twats to hospital.

To blame them for all of ills is insane though, look at this way: Fat bastards pay a fuck tonne in extra tax, like smokers and drinkers, on all that extra food. Yes they may need more visits to the docs than regular folk over a lifetime, but when a lifetime is 42 years who gives a fuck?

You smug, skinny twats will be knocking on till you’re 115, outliving all of your family and friends, seeing more doctors than an episode of fucking casualty, and spending your final days distracting people who secretly despise you from their smart phones as you demand round the clock care, whilst waxing lyrical about the good old days when Take me Out was on.

The cost just for you alone will be astronomical, like buying a fucking Dominos without a deal code.

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