Defiant BMW driver reversing to work

Defiant BMW driver reversing to work

1st March 2018 0 By Tuckered

Travelling salesman and insufferable arse hole, Barry Collins, decided to beat the snow by driving his rear wheel drive BMW to work today.

The 43 year double glazing specialist said; “Everyone takes the piss because I struggle in the snow. It doesn’t usually bother me because we don’t normally have any.”

After a week of pretty horrendous conditions though Mr. Collins decided a change of approach was in order.

“I’m sick to death of borrowing my wife’s shitty Punto. How will anyone know I’ve got a massive cock and that I’m better than them driving around in that shed?”

It wasn’t long before he drew attention to himself however, when he was pulled over by PC John Phillips ten minutes into his journey.

“Initially I thought what’s this idiot doing?” He said.

“Then I realised it’s the best example of driving in the snow from a BMW I’ve ever seen in my twenty two years of public service, so I let him off with a ticket this time and advised him to go home, driving forwards.”

After his slap on the wrist Mr. Collins decided to take the rest of the week off.

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