Someone should tell Katie Hopkins that Ketamine is for horses….Oh

Someone should tell Katie Hopkins that Ketamine is for horses….Oh

The far right foot faced hyper cunt, Katie Hopkins, collapsed today after taking too much Ketamine for her dodgy shoulder, which is allegedly fucked from all that sieg heiling.

Emergency services reportedly rushed to her aid after laughing uncontrollably for 10 minutes and a shotgun was sourced, but they were quickly made aware that they weren’t in fact dealing with a horse, just a annoying twat who looks like one.

Hopkins, who recently outcunted The Daily Mail recently and lost her job as chief spokesprick as a result, now spends her time travelling the world and saying inflammatory things on Twitter to her tens of fans who love the fact that ‘speeks the troof.’

I for one hope that the attention seeking fuck headed bile spouter gets well soon. After all, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching a bastion of hate trying to pick up the shattered remains of a career built on controversy and trying to mold them into something meaningful.

Chin up cunt.

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