You know what’s tastier than detergent pods? Bleach

You know what’s tastier than detergent pods? Bleach

18th January 2018 Off By Tuckered

Yes, your figit spinning, bottle flipping, dabbing little dullards have managed to put down their rectangular reality viewers for a few seconds in order to fucking poison themselves, because after all, washing machine pods are shiny, colourful and cool, right?

Kids today are thick as fuck, but what do you expect when their parents are Trump voting, spherical earth denying, vaccine rejecting morons?

Humanity hit it’s pinnacle a long time ago and now we’re living through its slow and painful demise. We’re all fucked because intelligence isn’t cool. Televised shagging on an island is.

People are actually blaming the manufacturers of these pods because of the appearance, well I’m sorry but if your 12 year old thinks they’re edible because they’re pretty, then you’re a shit fucking parent who has failed miserably.

Make bleach bright fucking purple and taste of blackcurrant for all I care, it’s about time society had a good fucking thinning out of the terminally fucking stupid.

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