The NHS is in tatters and people are dying on the streets – let’s talk about plastic cups

The NHS is in tatters and people are dying on the streets – let’s talk about plastic cups

11th January 2018 Off By Tuckered

Speaking of recycled mugs, a picture of one holding a plastic cup is dominating the news. Yes, Michael Gove entered parliament holding one. Praise the fucking lord.

The melted Pob has been showing off his re-usable cup like a pup with an erection, as he talks about government plans to introduce a 25p tax on disposable ones to reduce plastic wastage.

Usually I’d be outaged about tax hikes for the majority, but let’s face it, if you’re going to spend 4 quid on a brew you probably fucking deserve it, and after all, the 5p bag tax is working. This really isn’t something to moan about.

Unless you look at the state of the country that is; local councils considering fining homeless people as they literally die in the street, and nurses forced to treat patients in fucking car parks. I’m sorry but plastic island can afford to grow a bit more. It can get its own airport for all I care. We have shit to prioritise.

I’m all for the environment don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I ask myself if turning the bathroom light out is really making a huge difference when China are burning millions of tonnes worth of coal?

This is just another shitty government diversion tactic. A northen motorway forrest, a sugar tax. Fucking free schools.

How much more of this bullshit are we going to take? This shower of absolute entitled cunts have turned our by no means green and pleasant land into a third world shit hole and a global embarrassment.

We were never perfect granted, but we didn’t used to have to consider food banks with our weekly grocery shop. We didn’t have to navigate dead homeless people, and winter didn’t bring the NHS to a grinding fucking holt.

What the fuck is happening and why are we so complacent? Take your mug Gove, and stick it up your smarmy, self satisfied arse hole, you boggle eyed prick.

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