Windsor council SHOULD move homeless people before the Royal wedding

Windsor council SHOULD move homeless people before the Royal wedding

4th January 2018 Off By Tuckered

Into fucking homes.

The homelessness epidemic in this country is a national disgrace. It’s fucking embarrassing, and if you don’t believe me because you live in the suburbs, then go for a walk around your nearest city centre at 8:00pm on any night. They’ve all turned into shanty towns.

The head of Windsor council, Simon Dudley, has asked the Police to remove homeless people from the area, before the impending royal wedding.

After all, we don’t want all those tourists seeing an outrageous amount of cash on being spunked on a scroungers wedding when people are dying in our streets.

Where does Mr. Dudley suggest we move these people to, and who is expected to do it, because the last time I looked there’s homeless people everywhere and in some areas the numbers have quadrupled since the Tories came to power.

Our prisons are pretty full too, and there’s not many fucking coppers about either these days. If they haven’t got the numbers to deal with actual crime, I doubt they want to prioritise moving people with fuck all on.

These aren’t just tory attitudes either, Labour’s Rochdale Council are looking into similar measures, and are also considering fining rough sleepers. Fining them what, 3p, a doc end? It’s a fucking joke, just not a very funny one.

Theresa May has publicly disagreed with Mr. Dudley, but that’s not enough. This isn’t a fucking third world country and she should sort this fucking mess out.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, if you’re reading this then I suggest you look into the attitudes of some of your councils and step in. You say you want to eradicate homelessness? Well you’re not going to achieve that with this disgusting and dehumanising approach.

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