Trump causes outrage after accidentally firing the wrong AIDS

Trump causes outrage after accidentally firing the wrong AIDS

President Trump and his administration have accidentally fired all the members of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/Aids, aka PACHA, reports suggest.

The move, which was sudden and as yet unexplained, caused immediate controversy to both health professionals and LGBT rights campaigners alike.

The White House refused to give a statement directly, but one of its administrators, Mitchell Gomez, who wishes to remain anonymous said;

“I overheard the President telling his assistant that he wanted his gay aides firing. I knew he meant Sebastian and John, but I think the assistant got the wrong end of the stick.”

If this account is correct, and the firing of PACHA was indeed a terrible mistake, it’s just another nail in the Presidents coffin after yesterday joking that we could do with some Global warming to combat the winter.

More follows.

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