Police who attended boxing day fox hunts suspect fox hunts may have happened

Do you think if a gang of council flat teenagers had a tradition of kicking cats to death every Christmas that the police would just allow it?

We have a long standing tradition in this country of police intervening when they see a crime happening in front of them, except for fox hunting of course. After all, arresting Lady Smithington-Smythe in front of her peers would be embarrassing.

It’s much easier to haul in a few filthy hunt saboteurs with their dangerous cameras, and just let Lady Smythe guffaw like a fucking chimpanzee with a torch everytime she sees helpless animals being torn apart.

Let’s put aside the barbaric ‘sport’ for a second. Even though I don’t get it, I could write about it all day. Tradition? I don’t know about you, but my boxing day traditions include holding in farts, swearing at the shitty tv and hoping people leave.

What do these people do on Christmas eve? De-feather a live budgie for shits and giggles before a fucking game of Pictionary?

I digress, let’s get back to point of the rant. When it comes to fox hunting the police are as much use as a fucking blue passport without freedom of movement.

I know they’re under funded and under manned blah blah blah, but surely this would be the perfect time to get some fucking revenge for that?

To rip those tory bastards off their horses and arrest them for breaking the fucking law, to humiliate them, instead of maybe looking into it three days later after they find a fuck tonne of dead foxes and people start handing in grainy footage.

If I were in charge of the police I’d have all available resources at these so called hunts. After all, what else is happening on Boxing day? Most normal people are too full of cheese and self loathing to commit crime.

The truth of it boils down to, as always, privilege. Do you think if a gang of council flat teenagers had a tradition of kicking cats to death every Christmas that the police would just allow it?

Would they fuck. But why? It’s probably less barbaric, it wouldn’t be such a massive strain on resources and no horses would break their fucking necks, but let’s face it, these imaginary cat murderers would be in a cell quicker than the flu virus in an interviewee.

Fox hunting may as well be legal, and every time the police turn a blind eye they make a mockery of British law and just reinforce the notion that we have a two tiered justice system.

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13 thoughts on “Police who attended boxing day fox hunts suspect fox hunts may have happened”

  1. I’m from the country and hate fox hunting and it’s always been the same because they LOVE the blood sport soo much and they have more money than Mostar.
    They probably paid the police.

  2. I’m with you all the way, except that I have lived in places where the police would definitely ignore a tradition of kicking cats to death in favour of investigating machete attacks in the street.

  3. Fucking hell you said it like it is!! I have more respect for people who f & Jef than scum who think it improper to use bad language but see no wrong in torturing foxes to a horrible end. Fucking well done for writing a piece that NORMAL people agree with!

  4. t’s been mayhem in my little patch of North Devon this Boxing Day. The narrow winding lanes were packed with the vehicles of hunt supporters either frantically careering down them to keep up with the hunt and the hunted deer in the wooded valleys or parked up on the verge with them standing on top craning to get a glimpse of the action over the high hedged banks to either side.

    This is ‘exempt hunting’ in 2017 as allowed under the Hunting Act 2004. The aim of pre ban ‘stag hunting’ where one deer was separated from the herd to be pursued and shot has morphed into a frantic attempt to kill everything as soon as possible. The quicker the deer are killed the more that can be killed.

    How hunts can use the ‘stalking and flushing out’ exemption in the Hunting Act to use dogs to hunt deer in order the be killed was made clear by the prosecution of the Quantock Staghounds in 2009. The Staghounds fell foul of the law while flushing and killing deer for two reasons. It was held that the ‘primary purpose’ of the hunt was not killing deer but providing sport and the court found that the hunt did not take sufficient steps to kill all the deer. Wild deer, especially red deer congregate in woodland in large numbers. The hunt on the day only had two guns – the court ruled they must have at least ten. Kill kill kill is the name of the game under the Hunting Act. More guns equals more death.

    I can’t get inside the heads of the hunters that were in the lanes, fields and woodlands around here on Boxing Day to know if ‘sport’ is what motivates them. However I can say for sure that they seem hell bent on killing as many sentient wild deer as they possibly can.

    While the hunters were out complying with the Hunting Act by flushing and annihilating wild mammals I took my dog out for a bit of deliberate law breaking. ‘Flushing out’ wild deer and indeed other wildlife with a dog is actually pretty simple – all you have to do is get near to some wildlife – and if it runs away – bingo you’ve flushed it! Personally I can’t see what is wrong with this. The deer clearly wants to go somewhere else – and to be honest although I love wild deer if you’ve ever been confronted by a stag up close (just look at the antlers…) I’m quite glad to grant them their wishes.

    My primary aim which appears to contribute to the illegality of my actions is fun. I can’t see what’s wrong with this either. Fun to me especially when it derives from allowing other sentient beings to live rather than die is a Good Thing.

    I’m not killing animals for fun; I’m not killing animals, for fun. Why not not kill animals for fun? The law as I understand it is not meant to prohibit not killing animals for fun but to prohibit killing them for fun.

    Many dog walkers will have flushed out wild mammals. It’s actually quite exciting especially with deer and it probably doesn’t occur to most people that it might be a good idea to take ‘reasonable steps’ mete out a quick death to the flushed animal as soon as possible post flush.

    Of course such ‘accidental flushing’ is perfectly legal and is identical in all ways to my ‘deliberate flushing’ except for what the law calls the ‘mens rea’ or ‘mental element’. In short whereas the flushed deer, hare fox etc comes as a surprise to the accidental flusher – I know it is a possibility and quite deliberately wish the flushed animal no harm whatsoever. In terms of animal welfare allegedly the basis of the law the two situations are identical – so should be their legality.

    This winter may mark a watershed in the politics surrounding the Hunting Act. Not only is the May Government apparently going to drop it’s pledge to hold a free vote on the law but the League Against Cruel Sports – the main anti hunting organisation have at long last begun to criticise it. Their recent report “under siege and observed to death the plight of Britain’s hunted stags” finally admits what has been clear all along – that the law is deeply flawed. Stag hunts are continuing to hunt stags under the ‘research and observation’ exemption.

    It’s taken the League fourteen years to admit the blindingly obvious fact that the law enables Stag Hunting to continue. They have known this since the law’s inception.

    It will quite possibly take them another fourteen years to admit the blindingly obvious fact that deer can be and are also hunted under the ‘stalking and flushing out’ exemption. This exemption however involves the mass killing of the flushed animals and breaking the exemption – thereby committing hunt crime can actually be completely humane.

    There is a deep irony here – just as the League have embarked on the road to acknowledging the obvious flaws in the Hunting Act the only political party with a policy that might resolve it – allowing MPs the opportunity to debate the matter and vote freely on it might take that possibility away.

    The Hunting Act needs either repeal and replacement or reform. If people won’t listen to me they should listen to the hounds howling and shots ringing out around me after wild animal after wild animal is chased and then shot.

    There is a humane and non lethal way of using dogs to manage wild deer which mimics the action of wolves. The presence of a dog or dogs can disperse and deter animals like deer hence reducing the damage they do in specific areas. Whatever one thinks of hunting and killing animals it is absurd to make this illegal in the name of the prohibition of cruelty.

  5. As long as councillors, MPs, police officers, crime commissioners, lawyers and judges participate in this repellent activity there is little hope for proper, impartial policing and enforcement.
    We the people have to challenge the deviants at every opportunity and point out their propaganda BS – online, in the media, in real life.
    Hunting is organised crime.

  6. Totally agree with what you say the useless police are turning a blind eye I rang Dyfed Powys Police to inquire if the police would be going out to monitor illegal activity the plod who answered the phone had no clue and told me to email them I am still waiting for a response ignorant morons We need to get onto the main news channels to tell people that “trail” hunting is a farce to mask what barbarity really goes on . It is beyond me how people can take pleasure from the torture of an innocent animal have they no feeling at all .Its about time things changed and hunting is confined to the history books.

  7. You have said everything that I would have said only without the profanity, I would have been very filthy in my vociferousness.
    I particularly like the way that you described the “Lady”, there is nothing Ladylike in enjoying the horrific death of an animal, once again, you have shown restraint but please, next time, let it all out, don’t hold back, let your anger and frustration be known to all.

  8. i am with you all way it got stop but if the cops wont do it how are going to stop it take FOX down to 10 downing street and put on her door step that mite help i dont kill any thing and i dont EAT MEAT just eat vegs that me

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