Blue passports are just chufty badges for thick bastards

Blue passports are just chufty badges for thick bastards

28th December 2017 0 By Tuckered

We’re going to lose free movement, the country is on its arse, there’s a homelessness epidemic and half the population voted to give full sovereignty to a party of fucking psychopaths who’ve turned the UK into a third world laughing stock.

But rejoice! The colour of our fucking passports are changing at a cost of £500 million that we won’t give to homeless kids, and if you’re not excited about that you’re an unpatriotic, Britain hating, traitorous, remoaning cunt.

The same inbred fuck headed spunk munchers who are excited about this will be the same pricks getting excited when the government unveils its next plan to bring back fucking ration books, jusy like in the really good old days.

We didn’t have to ruin Britain for this, has no one heard of fucking passports covers? You can even buy nice blue ones on Amazon for under three quid.

This is a non event. It’s not good news, a triumph, something to have a fucking street party about, it’s merely a diversion tactic to keep Mail readers spunking over Brexit as an avalanche of shit continues to flow about its eventual catastrophic outcome.

They’re golden stars for unruly kids who’ve managed to go a lesson without twatting a teacher, participation medals.

They’re chufty badges for lobotomised inbred cunts who think that leaving the EU means no more fucking brown people.