Thanks for using Amazon’s tax avoidance as an excuse to not buy a kid a present

Thanks for using Amazon’s tax avoidance as an excuse to not buy a kid a present

19th December 2017 Off By The Fucker

Your virtue signalling has been noted and we all think you’re being a bit of a cunt.

A couple of days ago I posted an article that said that every time you reminded me that our campaign to buy kids in poverty a Christmas gift was being fulfilled by Amazon a fairy died and a child didn’t get a Christmas present.

Fuck me the virtue signallers didn’t disappoint did they? Up they lined in their hair shirts to tell us how virtuous us they all are for boycotting Amazon, they also did some finger wagging and tutting before being told to shut it or fuck off.

It’s all well and good banging on about inequality but if your main goal is to try to stop people buying gifts for kids cowering in a domestic violence shelter or shivering in some shit bed and breakfast on Christmas morning you’re being a cunt and frankly you can get tae fuck.

Because, get this, you lunatics have now bought 16,000 gifts worth £113,000 and it’s still going.

Mission Christmas in Leeds has, thanks to the 4,000 Christmas presents you sent them hit their target to give 24,000 kids in West Yorkshire a Christmas, Mission Christmas in Manchester has had even more. Every child in Rochdale known to social services got a present thanks to the 2,500 you sent them.

The same is going in Burnley, Newcastle, Liverpool, Fife, Rotherham Reading, Southend and Colchester. Thousands upon thousands of Christmases.

There’s still time to donate a gift because Mission Christmas in Sheffield will still be accepting presents until Friday. So go to choose a gift from the Amazon wish list and choose the gift registry address on checkout.

Job done. And if you don’t want to because you think Amazon are dicks that’s fine, try keeping it to yourself, going to a toyshop buying a gift and giving it to a toy drive. They exist all over the country.

And if you don’t follow our friends who came up with this at The Rochdale Herald and our pals at NewsThump, Angry People in Local Papers and The Southend News Network you should.

If you can’t afford to buy a gift there’s still stuff  you can do. Give this post a share, tell your mates or just be nice to somebody and wish them a Happy Christmas.

Merry fuckity Christmas.

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