It’s International Men’s Day! – Just like the other 364 days of the year

It’s International Men’s Day! – Just like the other 364 days of the year

19th November 2017 Off By Tuckered

You know, just to make all the blokes who kick off on Twitter moaning that we should have our own one every fucking International Women’s day aware.

I’ve seen some stupid shit floating around in the internet gutter today about how we’re all labelled rapists and perverts etc.

Come on lads, you know that’s half fucking right anyway. If it isn’t then why do you clear your browsing history?

It’s not because you’re shopping for wedding rings is it? It’s because you know deep down that searching for ‘granny amputee rimming’ is a tad fucking pervy.

Do you honestly believe all women think we’re monsters, or that we’re somehow oppressed?

Woman are our mothers, sisters and partners, and the only blokes who forget that usually end up bitter, resentful and single.

Don’t confuse the current media outrage/exposure wave with actual public opinion, that’s how fucking Trump and Brexit happened.

Accept that there are cunts among us, and just try your hardest not be one. I know that our role is being constantly redefined in an ever changing world, and that things were simpler for previous generations, but that’s how we progress and move on.

I agree, it can be a bit shit at times working out what it means to be a man right now, but we need to let those parameters keep changing until we get it right. This is the only instance where sons should pay the price for their father’s sins.

So. Enjoy your day if you must, and don’t be a cunt about it. It means nothing and will continue to until we get paid less than women,and have to endure endless sexual assaults as par for the course.

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