It’s about time we got rid of these blood sucking leeches

It’s about time we got rid of these blood sucking leeches

6th November 2017 Off By Tuckered

Tax havens are the focus of today, usually a relatively boring subject but still, a nice change from philandering politicians and daily mass shootings eh?

We’re not thick. We know that if Keith, a self employed plumber fills he his tax return in wrong and misses £300 he owes that he’s a tax evading cunt and will probably rightly go to prison. A celebrity however can squirrel away millions of pounds in perfectly legal tax avoidance schemes and will probably be treated to lunch by someone from fucking HMRC as a consequence.

It’s not really news is it? We live in a two tiered system which we just accept like lab mice waiting to go blind from having some shit shampoo rubbed into their eyes.

Someone once said there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. Only some pay fewer of the latter than most.

Now the Queen’s finances have been put under the spotlight, again, we knew deep down that the monarchy would be using these schemes. Why wouldn’t they if no laws are being broken?

This isn’t a legal issue though, it’s a moral one. As part of her portfolio, some of her investments went to a company called Bright House, not much but a pound is too much where these exploitative cunts are concerned.

The company preys on those already oppressed in society by government, banks and big business. The type of people relying on foodbanks who are one sanction away from missing their gas bill.

They offer shiny new goods to struggling families on the breadline who want, for once, for their children to wake up to the latest games console on Christmas morning for a small weekly fee. You wanted to know where that 50″ plasma came from, well now you do.

The interest is higher than Michael Fallon’s blood pressure though and miss one payment and the bailiffs will be round quicker than an internet cache clear in a Parliament office. They are scum pure and simple.

I dont care if the Queen wasn’t directly aware where her money was going or how much of it was invested. It’s not fucking on. She has enough tax payer funded staff for one of them to realise that this is more out of order than an 80’s condom machine in a town centre pub.

It’s time for them to go. Spend the money saved on housing and infrastructure and no amount of shitty tourism arguments will change my mind.

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