Michael Fallon will never offer his gloves out to anyone again

Michael Fallon will never offer his gloves out to anyone again

3rd November 2017 Off By Tuckered

Andrea Leadsom has alleged that the now ex Defense Secretary offered her somewhere to warm her cold hands.

It’s difficult to have an opinion on this with less context than a snide copy of Memento poorly dubbed in Korean with Japanese subtitles, but I’d like to think it was a poorly executed attempt at humour.

Over the mark, crass, vile and not very funny granted, but we all make poor comedic judgements from time to time, just watch any fucking Harry Hill DVD. Actually don’t bother. He’s about as funny as a land mine in a cresch.

Should he have resigned? I’m not so sure. Trying to be any kind of reasonal voice in the current climate is trickier than a Times crossword. Someone will probably call me a fucking rapist sympathiser just for writing these views down.

I don’t think this is turning into a witch hunt yet by any means. There are plenty of genuine rapey twats out there and many more uncomfortable women, all this exposure is a good thing as it’s highlighting an issue which is sadly rife in every industry, but we need to assess what’s abuse and what’s not before it turns into one.

Believe me I hate sticking up for tories more than I do my own reflection, but I’m roughly half Fallon’s age and have probably said worse in my time.

Shit happens and I’m not proud but should I feel I have to resign in 20 or 30 years from now on the say so of a past ‘victim’ without any context? I’m not so sure.


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