Harriet Harman to compere at The World Famous Embassy Club

Harriet Harman to compere at The World Famous Embassy Club

3rd November 2017 Off By Tuckered

Move over Manning, take a step back Chubby, there’s a new twat in town.

Ok, I get that Harriet didn’t actually make up the anti Semitic joke on last night’s episode This Week in the same way I didnt make that cake for last weeks bake sale at work. It came fully formed from Asda, or a racist baker if you like, and I know she didn’t say it to be a bigoted cunt, but come on Harman! That was more ill judged than a fucking Chico comeback tour.

Leave it to the imagination for Christ’s sake. Actually telling the joke to illustrate how bad it is, is like beheading a reporter to let everyone know you disapprove of fucking ISIS.

Also, don’t just casually suggest that the show’s host probably finds it funny as well like you’re just slinging a bit of banter. You basically called the cunt a racist with no proof.

I’ve never seen that giant faced Toby jug so fucking red with rage. For a minute his fucking wig nearly slipped.

Get your fucking shit together woman. The press are already making out that Labour hate Jews more than Hitler and your fuckery isn’t helping matters.

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