This sexual abuse scandal is turning into a witch hunt

This sexual abuse scandal is turning into a witch hunt

1st November 2017 Off By Tuckered

First Harvey Weinstein, then Kevin Spacey and now Dustin Hoffman. A witch hunt indeed. If the witches were repulsive gropey cunts and the ‘hunters’ were brave women and men who feel like they can finally speak out for the first time after years of suffering in silence that is.

Being a man is uncomfortable right now, and not in a ‘will all those women say anything?’ kind of way, not for the vast majority of us anyway. It’s difficult for a lot of us because we knew this was a problem but nothing on the scale of what has recently come to light.

#MeToo has been trending for weeks now, and it’s been massively eye opening, but as a man I refuse to apologise for any of it.

And with that statement no, I’m not going to turn this into a pathetic diatribe about how us ‘real men’ are victims too. There are no real men. There are flawed blokes trying to do the right thing who have probably fucked up at some point or will in the future, but the point is we outnumber the ones who know full well what they’re doing is wrong yet continue anyway.

I won’t apologise for them. I can’t. It makes me sick to the stomach to think that so many members of my ‘species’ think that this is a perfectly acceptable way to behave.

I would also like to think that I wouldn’t just stand idly by if I saw this behaviour, but I have probably done exactly that in my time on more than one occasion. See above about being flawed but trying to improve.

Something I may have written off in the past as banter, or chatting up, may have been abuse. It may have ruined someone’s day. How would I know? I wasn’t the victim.

That’s where us like minded blokes can really step up. Not by apologising for these rapey twats. They are not, for the most part, us.

However we can look harder at our surroundings. Call each other out when we’ve overstepped the mark and keep ourselves in check.

This is a massive learning curve for every single man on the planet, and if we don’t take these lessons on board now we never will and nothing will ever change. Let’s be the generation to end this shit and not the one that fucks it up.


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