Robots now have more rights than women in Saudi Arabia

Robots now have more rights than women in Saudi Arabia

27th October 2017 Off By Tuckered

Meet Sophia, she’s basically a fucking scary looking boss eyed toaster, only she can’t warm bread. She’s fucking Theresa May with a personality.

Sophia is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, after a GNVQ of course. She’s like an anti fucking sex robot. All the nagging and non of the shagging.

She can answer questions and even engage strangers in conversation, which is more than what most women are allowed to do in Saudi Arabia.

And now she’s been given full citizenship, that’s like giving an OBE to a Hoover or Knighting a fucking kettle. What’s the fucking point?

It must be disheartening for the poor women over there, watching a pretend unveiled woman talking to a massive audience about how nice it is to have more rights than an actual fucking person.

It’s like being mocked by a fucking iron or roasted by a Corby trouser press. It’s a fucking piss take.



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