The only people offended by your poppy are hayfever sufferers with poor eye sight

The only people offended by your poppy are hayfever sufferers with poor eye sight

17th October 2017 0 By Tuckered

Around about this time every year you can almost hear the sound of drilling and sawing as a million bigoted cunts come out of the wood work to declare;

“Them Moslems…”

(all dick heads spell Muslim like this)

“can all go back home if dey don’t like are customs and poppys an dont respect are brave men an wimin!!!!!1

Yeah, I’m sure they’re all terrified of a plastic flower symbolising the millions of fallen veterans, many their own relatives, who died ironically fighting against fascist pricks like you.

If Muslims were offended by poppys then Bernard Manning would gave worn one every night.

No one hates your flag, wants you to remove your poppy or objects to you celebrating Christmas. The council are not going to force to say Happy Holidays instead.

And whilst we’re on the subject fucking bacon is not Muslim kryptonite. They don’t fear it like you do with a bath, so putting it on a door handle is a mild inconvenience at best you stupid inbred twats.




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