Notorious hate preacher to tour the UK indoctrinating kids

Notorious hate preacher to tour the UK indoctrinating kids

30th September 2017 Off By Tuckered

That fuck browed hate spewer is at it again, but this time she’s coming for the younglings. Stay back you bile filled sack of shit, I mean it. I’d sooner burn my kid’s school down than let you set one cloven hoof over the threshold.

And no, I don’t need a fucking safe space and I’m not scared of differing views, but I will not tolerate hate speech being shat out of the anus mouth of an Apprentice reject and walking fucking tabloid. Keep away you Vulcanesque twat.

Any schools who let this Mein Kampf quoting cunt of a melted Aryan anywhere near out kids should be immediately investigated. Unless they’re using her as example of a what a fucking dinosaur looks like.

Is this it now Hatie? Have you found your level and realised that you share exactly the same following as fucking Jeremy Kyle and TOWIE? What an ingenious way to increase those numbers those! Find people with the same brain capacity. Fucking ten year olds.

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