Another £154k to find Maddie appears from the magic money tree

Another £154k to find Maddie appears from the magic money tree

28th September 2017 Off By Tuckered

The Home Office has reportedly handed the Metropolitan Police another £154,000 to extend their search for missing Madeleine McCann.

I’m sorry but this is fucking madness. I’m not going to get into all of that weird conspiracy shit, like when your gullible aunt learnt how to type ‘9/11’ into fucking YouTube, and neither should you.

Regardless of what you read or see when it comes to this case, just remember that you know the same as what Theresa May knows about engaging with the public, absolutely fuck all.

What I have a problem with is the media frenzy and seemingly bottomless pit of cash surrounding this tragedy. Yes, more cash. Great. Continue looking and believe in hope. Fantastic.

But what of the thousands of kids who go missing on our own soil and abroad without fanfare each year? A 30 second clip on local news then a couple of weeks searching and then case closed?

Where’s the fucking justice? Where is their continued funding 10 years later? In a supposedly equal society why are some people treated so differently to others?

Ten years and £11 million later and still no sign of her. I’m not saying they should stop searching or the funding, providing they give other grieving families exactly the same financial support and man hours.

I can’t help wondering what the outcome would have been had this happened to a working class couple holidaying in Blackpool?

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