Stop lumping us older millenials in with the entitled younger ones

Stop lumping us older millenials in with the entitled younger ones

20th September 2017 0 By Tuckered

Millennial is a pretty broad term for describing a whole generation. It covers everything from life weary thirty somethings like me, to spotty little cunts who see more daylight than a fucking vampire.

I’m not saying older millenials are better than anyone else or even that we have had it harder for that matter. In terms of education, inheritance and housing then yes, we’ve been fucked more times than Katie Price before a book launch, but in comparison to the young men and women around in 1914, we’re pretty fucking privileged.

My dad’s generation had the last of the real men. And no, I don’t mean that wandering handed misogynists who took cues from On The Busses cliché. I mean hard working, make do and mend giants amongst today’s blokes. Don’t get me wrong. It’s good that guys can talk, express love and occasionally fucking cry but we’ve lost a certain grit and determination.

Example: The other day I watched my 66 year old dad spend 3 hours finding something called a ‘front hub’ from a scrap yard, then changing it on my car at his house because mine had something called a “fucked wheel bearing”. I watched him struggle in awe like he used to do when I programmed the VCR for him. I felt 10 years old again. Making him brews and finding spanners. I felt less manly than Louis Spence. Impotant. Dejected. I felt fucking shit.

My generation have led different lives to the younger millenials though. We’ve experienced the joys of playing out, going on bike rides or staying up to watch Friday night comedy at our nan’s house for a treat. We’ve de-winged daddy long legs because there was bugger all else to do for fuck sake. We were the last actual kids.

We’re from a time when our uncles were unashamedly racist, when TV shows were on the verge of being, and we’ve seen the world around us change for the better and then eventually go too far.

The younger ones were born with fucking iPads in their hands. They’re scared of actual conversation and terrified of debate. They are coddled and they do need a safe space. They’ve only ever known this new Orwellian world through, and they’re fucked.

So. Pease stop comparing us. We’re not the same.


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