She wasted £1 Billion for the DUP to support Labour and she’s in charge of Brexit negotians

She wasted £1 Billion for the DUP to support Labour and she’s in charge of Brexit negotians

13th September 2017 0 By Tuckered

How fucking gutted would you be after spending 6 months telling every cunt you’re strong and stable, and that there’s no money for nurses pay increases, only to be blackmailed into spunking a billion quid on fucking churches and incinerators for history books, or whatever the DUP squander on shit, only for them to stab you in the back when it really matters?

Treeza is like the lonely little rich girl in secondary school. Desperately showering her spends on the other kids in a bid to be more popular. The DUP are the class bully, lapping up the free cigarettes and phone cases whilst slagging her off behind her back and telling all the other kids not to go to her shit birthday party.

How fucking monstrous must Tory policy be, when it takes a bunch of far right religious fanatics, led by a shit Paul Merton impersonator, to call them out and vote with the opposition?

Not that I’m complaining. I think it’s fucking hilarious that the Conservatives spent a billion quid in an attempt to not spend any more on the NHS, only for the DUP to make exactly the opposite all the more likely.

What isn’t so funny is that these cunts are negotiating Brexit. If they can’t even agree with own partners then how can successfully navigate us out of the Union with minimal damage? It’s like watching the fucking Chuckle brothers trying to negotiate some fucking stairs.





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