Mexico Pricing Up Ice Dragons

Mexico Pricing Up Ice Dragons

29th August 2017 0 By Tuckered

As President fuck spangle continues to demand a giant wall, nay, the biggest, strongest and bestest wall that the universe has ever seen, to keep out those wily rapists and bad hombres. Mexico is preparing to retaliate.

After considering insane ideas like ladders, boats and planes, ice dragons are now been discussed as a valid alternative to destroy any attempt at the physical border.

Mexican president Enrigue Peña Nieto said;

“I’ve told that orange bastard a million times that we’re not paying for his cunting wall. Did you see GOT? Fuck me. Those ice dragons smash walls like Trump’s cabinet smash coke.”

So far Mexico has been unsuccessful in its quest to hunt down one of the mythical beats, despite North Korean Dictator and inside out ham, Kim Jong Un, claiming he already has 10 of them.



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