I was going to buy a homeless man a sandwich today but my battery went and I couldn’t film it

I was going to buy a homeless man a sandwich today but my battery went and I couldn’t film it

22nd August 2017 0 By Tuckered

What happened to doing a good turn just for the hell of it? Just to feel that warm glow inside, like the one Iain Duncan Smith used to get every time someone got fucking sanctioned.

Everyone these days wants a fucking pat on the back. Validation for nothing.

“So we gave this homeless guy 20 bucks, some new shoes and a Big Mac Meal. His reaction will melt your heart.”

No it fucking won’t pal. Your blatant exploitation of the poor cunt will melt my fucking brain. Fuck that, it will make my blood boil. I hate this shit. I hate what we’ve become and I hate where we’re heading.

You’ve got three million followers all gawping at him crying over what he perceives to be a random of kindness, someone treating him like a human being for once.

He’s completely unaware that you’re raking in thousands of pounds in advertising revenue and chucking him a few fucking crumbs off the table.

Look. If you want to help an old lady cross the road, do it. If you want to buy a homeless guy a sandwich then do it! YouTube channel or not though, try and refrain from posting an update on Facebook about your little adventure afterwards, because no one is impressed. They just think you’re a glory seeking cunt.

Help people because you want to. Not because you want to show off how fucking nice you are. If you do a kind act with no recognition then you should just feel good by making someone else feel good.

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