Who’s going to tell Darth Trader what to do now this shit Palpatine has gone?

Who’s going to tell Darth Trader what to do now this shit Palpatine has gone?

18th August 2017 0 By Tuckered

Steve Bannon looks like the guy on the front cover of a leaflet about the dangers of fucking diabetes the fat cunt. He’s got so much oil on his face that I’m surprised the US hasn’t invaded it and installed a fucking proxy government.

He looks like the result of 30 years of hard drinking and a drop at birth, the fucking poor man’s Goebbels. Like a shit ventriloquist who can’t talk properly without moving his lips, and Trump is the clackety old dummy that’s past it’s best.

What’s that senile old bigot going to do without you now? Who’s going to tell the twat that adressing the nation in his fucking KKK pyjamas might be a step too far?

It must be strange being an anti establishment ex banker. Isn’t that like being an anti doughnut cop? You used to be a director didn’t you Steve? You couldn’t direct your own piss into the fucking toilet bowl, you fucking backwards hick rousing bible bashing cunt.

You did well campaigning though. Credit where it’s due. I mean, convincing a load of poor lobotomised racists that health insurance is good, simply by rebranding free health care to ‘black president health’ was a stroke of fucking genius. Even for you, you death complexioned minority worrier.

Fuckity bye.

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