We’re all going to die and we deserve it

We’re all going to die and we deserve it

9th August 2017 0 By Tuckered

Far right politics has been spreading faster than Jimmy Savile rumours in a children’s hospital in the 80s these last few years. Toe faced tossers and hawk browed fuckers like Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins are now mainstream. We’ve normalised being a cunt.

It’s like the 70’s all over again but devoid of the crap attempts at veiling the inherent racism with shit stereotype gags. Back then people blacked up and ate curry to portray a Muslim. Now we’re just told they’re all paedophiles and terrorists.

We’ve become selfish and isolated, pointing the finger of blame at everyone but ourselves, like Nigel Farage staying up past his bedtime.

And where has it got us? We have a 1000 year Tory Reich, because in the age of zero hour contracts people are still fucking stupid enough to believe that if they shovel shit harder than anyone else, you know, REALLY ‘work hard and get on’. That they’ll one day earn 80 grand year, and when that day comes they’re not going to give their hard earned cash to some beardy do gooder, so he can squander it on fucking meals for kids.

It also lead to Brexit. The biggest mess since John McCririck had a fucking vindaloo, but worse of all it lead to Trump and because of him we’re all going to die, and we fucking deserve it.

He’s not a President, he’s a privileged geriatric hyper cunt who knows how to rally dick heads. He’s no statesman either, if he were he’d have done what all his predecessors did and ignored the Kim Jong dynasty for the peripheral nutters that they were.

Not Trump though. That reactionary Twitter happy fumble cunt has made a threat. A threat he now needs to make good when the shit hits the fan. He’s poked the wasps nest and now we’re all going to get stung.

Still, we can celebrate being truly free of Europe after its been fucking vaporized eh? Well, for five minutes anyway, before we follow suit.