Corbyn walked past 80 empty prams in his latest PR stunt

Corbyn walked past 80 empty prams in his latest PR stunt

7th August 2017 0 By Tuckered

Jeremy Corbyn was up to his old tricks earlier today by ‘helping’ a woman carry a pram up some steps.

The swivel eyed lefty loony and secret house wife sex pin up was filmed struggling with a pram and pretending, yet again, to be a normal and decent member of society.

A unamed Daily Mail source, however, speculated that the wannabe Geography teacher and Chairman Mao enthusiast was in fact recruiting the youngster into the momentum youth.

“You could just tell by his shifty fucking eyes that’s what he was gonna do” he said.

However, it has now come to light through a photo taken from a different perspective, that Mr. Corbyn had 80 empty prams delivered before the ‘random footage’ was taken and infact ordered the child from a people trafficker on the dark web.

Labour refused to comment as they were too busy plotting to overthrow their despotic, power hungry leader.

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