When life gives you lemons don’t sell them without a permit

When life gives you lemons don’t sell them without a permit

21st July 2017 Off By Tuckered

Another day, another council fuck up. It seems these days that common sense is about as common as an unclaimed MP’s expense, as Andre Spicer found out, as he helped his young daughter sell lemonade to people heading for a music festival in east London at the weekend.

After half an hour of ‘trading’ (small cups 50p, large cups £1), 4 jumped up, jobs worth pricks of enforcement officers, for Tower Hamlets Council, made a beeline for the terrified 5 year old, before turning on a camera and reading out a script about trading permits.

Are these cunts for real? She’s five for fuck sake. They handled that with all the grace and diplomacy of Vanessa Feltz returning a top that ‘shrunk in the wash’ to fucking River Island.

They stood there and read her the riot act as if she had millions squandered away in some offshore account. You can’t even prosecute a 5 year old for murder but fuck it, let’s slap a £150 fine on her dad for being an accomplice to this heinous crime.

Thankfully the council dropped the fine, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that we’re surrounded by these twats in every fucking walk of life. Jumped up, power tripping cunts in uniform, with the intellect of a fucking TOWIE star, who are some how enforcing crap rules like a shit SS.

Get a fucking grip you clowns.

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