We’re fucked. Give up.

We’re fucked. Give up.

14th July 2017 1 By Tuckered

It’s that time again! We’re massively over populated and well overdue a fucking good cull. The world has lost its mind and if you’re Centre Left, Left or even just have a brain and a fucking conscience then you’re on the losing side. You’re obsolete like TAB Clear, VHS or fucking UKIP.

Labour spent a decade telling us to be all politically correct and inclusive. It was a propaganda campaign if you like, taught in schools, reflected in TV dramas blah blah blah. You know the type of shite, some cunt calls his teacher a dyke in Grange Hill and there’s a half an hour explanation about why it’s wrong.

Now I’m not into government meddling on social issues but on this one Labour were absolutely right. The younger generation have been told for the last 20 years to respect people, faiths, cultures and sexuality. Basically, to not be a cunt.

Now I’m fully aware that some of the younger ones think there’s 567 different fucking genders, they have a god given right to be offended and that they can’t eat fish for fear of upsetting a pond, and believe me these cunts don’t help. They’re an easy fucking target for the right. They literally are fucking snow flakes who need a safe space and they let us all down.

I digress. It took 20 fucking years to reach a maturity in which we afforded each other basic pleasantries but its only taken the last 7 to undo it all.

True to form the Tories took over in 2010 and planted the seeds of hate and division by spunking it directly into the eyes of the masses, via shit rags like The Daily Mail and The Scum. We’re alright jack. Fuck the poor they’re just scroungers etc,etc.

Being a prick became the norm, hell, even fucking trendy. That venomous vulcan faced cunt Hopkins and others made careers out of it, and modern day ‘let’s exploit the poor’, cheap to make dick head fodder circus shows, saturate the Channel 5 schedule like piss on the back seat of a Saturday night taxi in Blackpool.

It’s been normalised now. People ask ‘Why can’t I say faggot or paki? Its PC gone mad, they’re just words’ With zero understanding of why we ruled out those horrendous dehumanising terms in the first place.

What do you expect when the media is dominated by rent a gobs saying we should sink boats filled with kids or political leaders stood in front of fucking replica Nazi era posters?

The rise of the far right is spreading like a cancer but this is nothing new. We’ve seen it all before.

So expect more hate, more tyrants and plenty of fucking nukes. There’s no point in fighting it anymore. No point screaming alone at a million sieg heiling cunts. We’ve lost this one, it’s fucking over.

The only thing left to do is mock them relentlessly. That way you can be really fucking smug in the seconds before we’re ironically obliterated by a rogue US nuke destined for North Korea, and in that split second between your watch welding itself to your wrist and you being vapourised, you can smile and say “I fucking told you so.”


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