Tories to decide whether to suspend Anne Marie Morris with a game of eni meani mini mo

Tories to decide whether to suspend Anne Marie Morris with a game of eni meani mini mo

11th July 2017 0 By Tuckered

Up until yesterday Anne Marie Morris was just another relatively unknown Selfservative gobshite, until she carelessly dropped the N bomb like a clap happy King Jong Un, seemingly unaware of the devastation it would cause.

In her defence she said; “The comment was totally unintentional. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused.”

Yeah and I’m sorry for calling you a racist cunt Anne Marie. I apogise unreservedly for any offence caused.

You see this shit just highlights how out of touch this band of cunts are. Ask any normal person if saying n****r in 2017 is acceptable, and they’ll back out of the door quicker than Jeremy Hunt cutting a nurses salary.

This isn’t a phrase randomly picked out of thin air either, this is a saying that quite clearly flows around her circle as easily as a tray of cocain in a Commons toilet, or a decapitated pigs head at an Eton bash. Otherwise she wouldn’t have uttered it so freely in a room full of microphones.

It’s not just the building and the system which is archaic, it’s the people too. When your party’s ‘man of people’, Jacob Reec-Mogg, looks like something out of a Victorian drama and your back benchers chuck the N word around like the bill at a student meal, you know it’s time for a fucking change.

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