Flat Earthers Are As Thick As Pig Shit

“These are the same pricks who avoid tap water, deny the holocaust, treat themselves with homeopathy and think that the next iPhone will have a new feature.”

Since the 15th century its been generally accepted that the earth is spherical, yet the the idea of it being flat refuses to die like Rolf Harris, or the socks and sandals combo. Yes, in 2017, as we regress as a species quicker than an AA member having ‘just the one’ in a pub, this idea lingers and grows like an American with a pocket full of free burger vouchers in a McDonald’s.

The Flat Earth Society is actually a thing, and ironically it has members all around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of thick as pig shit, lobotomised, brain dead cunts who value a YouTube clip of a prick with a spirit level on an aeroplane, over hundreds of years of research from the greatest minds on the planet.

These are the same pricks who avoid tap water, deny the holocaust, treat themselves with homeopathy and think that the next iPhone will have a new feature. They’re more deluded than one of those 18 stone grandmothers you read about, who meets a 23 year old body builder in a far away land, marries him, then sells her house and sends the proceeds to his family only to never see the cunt again.

What did we expect in this post truth, alt fact, fucking ‘who needs experts’ utopia that we’ve created for ourselves? I don’t subscribe to the echo chambers theory. I think there are lots of groups, yes, who stay in their own little bubbles. But then I think there’s a massive majority of us, like minded people, silent in our horror, with perminant hand marks on our faces. We’re brow beaten, world weary and absolutely sick to the back teeth of stupid fucking cunts.


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One thought on “Flat Earthers Are As Thick As Pig Shit”

  1. Well said that man but on a point of interest… Educated people knew the world was a sphere from ancient times. Erasthenes even measured it to an impressive degree of accuracy without leaving Egypt a couple of centuries before Christ was born. The issue Columbus faced was no one believed his miscalculated size of the globe. He’d mis-converted some units of measurement from an Arabic translation of the ancient geographer Ptolemy (him of the sun goes round the earth malarkey) and they knew there was no way he’d reach the indies before dying of dehydration, scurvy or starvation. They thought it was suicidal to try. Still Isabella and Ferdinand gave him 3 shitty ships and a bunch of convicts as crew just to get rid of him. They didn’t expect to see him again. Luckily for Columbus he reached America just before he would have been forced to turn back. Now where did the myth of him sailing off the edge of the flat earth come from then? Washington Irvine, the same writer who gave us Rip van Winkle and the legend of sleepy hollow started it. Presumably because it makes a better story… So we can thank him for perpetuating the flat earth myth into modern times, the cunt.

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