UK to accept ALL immigrants after Brexit

UK to accept ALL immigrants after Brexit

5th July 2017 0 By Tuckered

The European Union has just dealt a fatal blow to hard Brexiters after revealing a clause in the European Union agreement which states;

“Any member state wishing to leave the Union will automatically take any immigrants deemed a burdon on its remaining members”

The government is in turmoil at it sits down to negotiate the terms of Brexit, with a spokesman stating;

“We wanted to push for hard Brexit, with complete withdrawal from the existing trade agreements including the free movement of people. This new revelation has somewhat soured the honey and negotiations could now take dacades.”

A secretary for the European Commission told French media;

“This clause is no secret. Assuming the British public were supplied with all the facts on leaving the Union before the vote, then this should come as no surprise to anyone. Germany will be thrilled to offload the 1 million refugees currently putting a large strain on their public services.”

More follows.

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