Well done on being independent you fat fucks

Well done on being independent you fat fucks

4th July 2017 2 By Tuckered

We fucking tried to introduce civilisation to your fucking back water desert, Christ knows we tried, but is was all in vain wasn’t it?

You threw it all back in our faces like a fucking spurned acid attacker with a tiny cock. Congratulations on your treason you ungrateful cunts.

Yes, ok, you did alright for a couple of hundred years, I’ll give you that, but while mum’s away the twats will play and you didn’t just get a bit of paint on the walls, you burnt the fucking house down.

There’s more sugar in your diet than in a fucking Apprentice conference room. I bet it’s even in your toothpaste, that’s why you all have those veneers isn’t It? To hide the rotting stumps underneath, like fucking Pistorious’ blades.

And don’t get me started on that shit flinging orangucunt in charge. How the fuck did you let that happen?

You should have stuck with us and done as you were told.

You could have had a sense of irony, understood sarcasm, and spelt colour correctly, but no. You wanted type 2 diabetes and fucking American cheese.


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