Owen Smith hoped Labour actually had a chance of winning with him at the helm

Welsh centrist and shit Sgt. Bilko impersonator, Owen Jones, or is Smith? Who can remember? Who actually gives a fuck? Said that Labour might have had a chance in the General Election if he were the leader. Probably. I can’t remember because I fell asleep reading the fucking headline.

Anyhow, the miniature Tony Blair and professional backstabber had less fucking chance of winning a Labour majority than Eric Pickles has of walking past a fucking Burger Kind without going in.

Remember Angela Eagle? Nah, me neither, but she probably had more of a chance of winning than that perpetually smug cunt.

He was quoted as saying; “I don’t think any of us can argue with that and therefore I think he’s earned the right to try and get Labour into power and earned the right to be out next prime minister.”

Which is strange because it was only a few months ago that he was telling us all that Jeremy Corbyn was unelectable, you know, before he challenged him to a leadership bid and lost making the daft prick…erm…un fucking electable.



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