The Selfservatives Cheered After Punishing Our Fire Fighters

The Selfservatives Cheered After Punishing Our Fire Fighters

29th June 2017 Off By Tuckered

Like a room full of fucking Klingons celebrating an honourable death, this room full of cling-ons cheered their dishonourable ‘victory’ over Britain’s life savers. Yes, after voting to keep the public sector pay cap at 1% for the 8th year running, ensuring more misery for our Police, Nurses and Fire Fighters, The cunt club on the wrong side of the house roared with happiness like a psychopath watching a baby drown to death.

I don’t know if the 1% figure is a subliminal ‘fuck you’ as only 1% of people seem to actually benefit from these out of touch, money obsessed, uncaring, vicious bastards, ruling over us like fucking Nazi caricatures.

How dare Treeza stand there after every fucking tragedy, with her realistic human flesh mask manually contorted into a concerned expression, and praise our emergency services like she actually gives the tiniest of fucks about them.

Yes the Police did do an amazing job. Yes the Fire Fighters were excellent. Yes our nurses are fantastic. These are just hollow words though if you treat them like fucking robots. Your actions speak louder than your pathetic lip service, you tired old DUP pumper.

If you voted for this, strong and stable, more of the same, then I challenge you to defend the Tories voting down these proposals in the comments section. I genuinely want to see how any if it can be defended or justified.

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