House of Cards? More like House of Cunts

House of Cards? More like House of Cunts

28th June 2017 Off By Tuckered

The Tories and their new paid fuck buddies just voted down Labour proposals to end the public sector pay cap, and to employ extra police and fire fighters by a majority of just 14 cunts.

Idiots handbook, The Daily Express lead with the headline ‘VICTORY FOR MAY: Corbyn humiliated as MPs reject Labour bid to scrap public sector pay cap’ as the news broke. Has Corbyn really been humiliated?

Because from where I’m sitting the only people who’ve been humiliated are our hard working front line service employees, who’ve been fucked harder than a decapitated pigs head at an Eton party for the last seven years.

The recent terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower tragedy are a screaming indictment that austerity isn’t fucking working. How can terrorists go on TV and talk freely about their extremist views and not be monitored before committing an act? What the fuck did we throw all our rights away for Treeza? So that the Food Standards Agency can see which porn sites we’ve visited?

Cut after cut and failure after failure. Tower blocks literally built to burn, the homeless spiced out of their heads for a break from their shit existence, the army drafted in because the police are working 16 hour shifts and nurses relying on fucking food banks.

Welcome to Great Britain in 2017. We’re a fucking third world country, an embarrassment. The Tories have systematically ruined it then sold it off piece by piece to the highest bidder, and now they’ve literally just voted to not even try and fix it.

Has the pot ran dry? Because they’ve just managed to find a billion pounds to cling onto power by being propped up by a dubious entity, that most of the UK were unaware of just three fucking weeks ago, yet they can’t find the cash to give our life safers a decent standard of living.

Everyone who stood in that chamber tonight and went through the wrong door, in our archaic voting system, should hang their fucking heads in shame. They’re disgusting, greedy, parasitic bastards.


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