Vaccinate your kids you lobotomised twat spackers

Vaccinate your kids you lobotomised twat spackers

27th June 2017 Off By Tuckered

Laughter is not the best medicine, nor is prayer, or doing fuck all for that matter.

Vaccination does not cause autism, and even if it did (IT FUCKING DOESN’T) is that worse than your darling little Tyler dying from measles because he went to a fucking birthday party?

These Mumsnet snorting cunts shouldn’t be allowed kids.

They’re not only risking the lives of their own poor children, they’re also posing a threat to any other child that their ill fated offspring come into contact with.

In fact, people who go around spouting this   bollocks should be forced to take a mandatory intelligence test before they’re allowed to fuck.

They’re worse than those religious nuts who let their kids die of cancer whilst they wait patiently for a non existent God to fix it for them, like some cosmic Jimmy Savile, only he fucks it instead, like some cosmic Jimmy Savile.

At least those deluded cunts actually think their prayers will work!

These fuckers just can’t be arsed going down the clinic “in case sumfink bad ‘appens”

Ignorance isn’t bliss, It’s fucking scary.

They used to be on the fringes of society, sending out chain mail and practising their homeopathy in private.

Then the internet happened and they found a voice and used it to spread their shitty ideas like fucking cyber AIDS, which, incidentally, they wouldn’t bother to fucking treat if it were a real affliction.

Do some actual research that doesn’t come from YouTube and book your kids in at the doctors you stupid, ignorant, bastards.


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