Inject your kids you neglectful cunts

Inject your kids you neglectful cunts

27th June 2017 0 By Tuckered

Laughter is not the best medicine, nor is prayer or doing fuck all for that matter. Vaccination does not cause autism and even if it did, is that worse than dying of fucking measles contracted from a fucking birthday party you simple twats?

“Enjoy your jelly and ice cream Keanu because that’s your lot. See them spots on your face? That means you’re going to see Grandma soon up in heaven because mummy read up about the nasty injections on an American blokes website…..dont cry! 6 years is a good innings! At least you didn’t get autism.”

You shouldn’t be allowed children. You’re a fucking risk to them and any other child that they come into contact with. In fact, there’s so many deluded cunts spouting more bollocks than a coked up cabbie out there, that there should be a mandatory test before people can fuck.

You’re worse than those religious nuts who let their children die of cancer, whilst they wait impatiently for a non existent God to fix it like some cosmic Jimmy Savile, only he fucks it instead, like some cosmic Jimmy Savile.  At least those deluded cunts actually think their prayers will work. You just can’t be arsed going down the clinic “in case sumfink bad appens”

Ignorance isn’t bliss, It’s fucking scary. You weird cunts used to be on the fringes of society, sending your chain mail, practising your homeopathy and actually inviting in Jehovah’s Witnesses for a a wee chat. Then the internet happened, you actually have voices and can spread your ideas like fucking cyber AIDS, which, incidentally, you wouldn’t bother to fucking treat if it were a real affliction.

So. Log off fucking MumsNet, do a little research and book your kids in at the doctors in the morning you stupid, stupid bastards.


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