It’s always people that have never worked who hate immigrants

It’s always people that have never worked who hate immigrants

5th June 2017 5 By Tuckered

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to turn into a fucking Channel 5 ‘documentary’, slating everyone who claims benefits. You have to admit that there’s a scum class though.  

Three generations of lazy bastards who start sweating just thinking about working the fucking Sky remote. It’s a tiny percentage but still, they exist.

You know the type. The fucking woman walking around Asda in a onesie and slippers at tea time, shouting “Shut the fuck up!” at her three screaming kids; Keanu, Shaniqua and fucking Beyonce.

They fucking hate immigrants don’t they? Because the cheeky bastards come over here and steal all the jobs that they didn’t  apply for.

They’re all there on the English Defense League marches, rallying against ‘them muslamics’ with arms like toilet walls before getting pissed, jumping in an Asian taxi then buying a fucking curry on the way home.

No one is stealing a job from you, if you think a CV is a fucking sexually transmitted infection you dumb cunt. 

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