It’s always people that have never worked who hate immigrants

“The fucking woman walking around Asda in a onesie and slippers at tea time, shouting “Shut the fuck up!” at her three screaming kids; Keanu, Shaniqua and fucking Beyonce.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to turn into a fucking Channel 5 ‘documentary’, slating everyone who claims benefits. You have to admit that there’s a scum class though.  

Three generations of lazy bastards who start sweating just thinking about working the fucking Sky remote. It’s a tiny percentage but still, they exist.

You know the type. The fucking woman walking around Asda in a onesie and slippers at tea time, shouting “Shut the fuck up!” at her three screaming kids; Keanu, Shaniqua and fucking Beyonce.

They fucking hate immigrants don’t they? Because the cheeky bastards come over here and steal all the jobs that they didn’t  apply for.

They’re all there on the English Defense League marches, rallying against ‘them muslamics’ with arms like toilet walls before getting pissed, jumping in an Asian taxi then buying a fucking curry on the way home.

No one is stealing a job from you, if you think a CV is a fucking sexually transmitted infection you dumb cunt. 

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5 thoughts on “It’s always people that have never worked who hate immigrants”

  1. That’s the most accurate portrayal of 2017 Britain I’ve read.

    It’s these fucking nasty looking junky bitches that think it’s acceptable to take the kids to school while wearing their pyjamas. The same pyjamas they’ve slept in. Oh fuck that’s right they didn’t sleep in them, because they were lying billy bollock on the bed getting pumped all night by some old Alky from the boozer, they’ve told the kids is “Uncle Pete” for 40 quid and 20 Mayfair Lights.

    Don’t see the immigrants wanting to steal that job!

  2. 3 generations going back to the creation of the benefit culture by thatcher in the 80s, some of us clawed our way back into normality, and vowed to “never forget !” and some just stayed and wallowed in the whole benefit culture “giveaway” passing the inheritance and beating system methods onto the next of kin until they could be used by Ian Duncan Smith and tory media to help destroy the welfare state, and those of us it was there to really help……………sly sly cheeky tory b*****ds.

    1. This is a very accurate piece. Politicians from both ends consistently get it wrong, the right would have you believe that all benefit claimants are lazy little parasites, the left want us to think they’re all innocent victims of a cruel system. Fact of the matter is, most people on benefits are on them for a short period of time, and most of those on them long term do so because of ill health. However, there is a thin layer of scum at the very bottom of society who have no intention of contributing and have absolutely no shame about it.

  3. Weird how white British people magically transform into ‘ex pats’ as opposed to immigrants. Fuck that, I’m an immigrant, I left a poverty stricken , crime ridden country governed by inhumane, murdering thieves to try and find a better life elsewhere. I have done so and won’t be back until it feels safe to do so, but until I gain citizenship elsewhere I’m a British immigrant. I’ve never been accused of stealing local jobs or opportunities because the country in which I am a guest isn’t full of mad, racist cunts that are being fueled every day by a lying, self serving media.

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