You see that? People are celebrating

You see that? People are celebrating

4th June 2017 Off By Tuckered

You won’t fucking win, how can you? Waging holy war with a country full of people who begrudge going to church for a fucking christening, is like a butcher starting a price war on sausages with a vegan greengrocer. It’s fucking madness.

Thousands of people are out in Manchester tonight in spite of yesterday’s attack. Men, woman and children singing, dancing, smiling. Happy and free. A little bruised and battered yes, but united and happy. It’s the biggest FUCK YOU they can send.

That’s the thing about progress, it keeps moving forward. You’re not selling your utopian dream of sending us all back to the dark ages very well. Where’s the incentive? There’s not even a fucking £5 music voucher on offer! Oh yeah, there is no music, I forgot.

Listen. We’d take these attacks daily rather than succumb to your warped ideology. You could kill everyone in Manchester, and Liverpool would have a fucking concert instead.

Fuck You.

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