I’m not a bleeding heart lefty liberal snowflake buttercup

I’m not a bleeding heart lefty liberal snowflake buttercup

3rd June 2017 Off By Tuckered

I don’t need a fucking ‘safe space’ and I don’t get outraged on behalf of others by everything I fucking read.

I’m not vegan and I don’t believe there’s 568 fucking genders. I don’t think people with different views should be banned from expressing views or debating at universities. If the liberal left want to be taken seriously then YOU need to sort all this shit out.

I am however a human being. I’m nothing special and neither is any other cunt. We’re all the same, a virus on earth destroying everything we touch. We’re literally scum but, all scum together, there’s no hierarchical system of scum. No scum is superior.

I can’t stand the world we are living in though. I can’t read an article without becoming incensed, not faux outrage, like being angry on behalf of some fat bastard who’s face is spunked accross a tabloid front page because he’s “offended” at being asked if he wantd a fucking grande coffee in Starbucks instead whatever a fucking small one is.

Im talking seriously fucked off, real 100% outrage. I’m insulted that people think Donald Trump is an alright guy because they haven’t got a basic grasp of history, or can’t be arsed watching the news and learning about the fucking world around them.

I’m annoyed that you can’t punch a racist cunt of a Nazi, and that instead you’re expected to engage these backwards, knuckle dragging, spunk buckets into a debate instead.

How can you engage with someone who thinks they’re better than someone else based ethnicity or beliefs in 2017? How can you argue with stupid cunts who call lies post truths and alternative facts?

I’m all for hearing people out and debating things I believe in, but if you’re a Trump supporter I’m fucking done with you.

I’ve listened to idiots tell me that when he’s President “he’ll have no real power and everything will have to go through Congress”. Bollocks, in his short time as leader he’s already angered the natives, divided the country, tried to ban Muslims, ruined health care, raised serious questions about Russia and given up on the environment.

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