Everyone thinks they’re a politician!

Everyone thinks they’re a politician!

3rd June 2017 Off By Tuckered

It’s not really true that is it? Just because you’re an ignorant cunt, who’s oblivious to the political shit storm currently smashing through the country like Eric Pickles with a box or Jaffa Cakes, it doesn’t give you the right to write off everyone with an opinion because ‘it’s boring’, or you struggle to follow it all like Diane Abbott in a fucking year three maths class.

This post is aimed that the “It’s just people in suits chattin shit innit” camp. You know, the fucking type of cunt who gives you the name of a  Britain’s Got Talent act when you ask who they’re voting for. 

You know the ones. They watch fucking Gogglebox because TV alone is too difficult, they need to watch other mindless simpletons watching it for them. 

No we’re not ‘experts’. We just happen to just give a shit about the horrendous state of the country, the world and humanity as a whole because we’re fucking terrified for our kids.

By all means though, keep watching people fucking in TOWIE, or people’s dreams getting shattered in The X-Factor and we’ll stop posting all this distracting unimportant stuff.

God forbid we interrupt your fucking ‘News’ Feed of food pictures,  ‘funny’ cat videos and fucking gym updates to try and sway you’re tiny mind in one way or another.

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