Why are you voting Conservative? Serious question.

I mean, you’d have to be a fucking blind spunk headed degenerate to back those policies wouldn’t you? You’d need to be a terminally ignorant lobotomised Jack to buy those fucking beans.

Seriously though, this is an open forum. Convince me! I’m happy to sift through your basic black and white infantile musings, like a tramp looking for his lost gold tooth in dog shit, whilst dodging your regurgitated soundbites like May avoiding fucking debate requests.

Is it the fucking four corn flakes for breakfast promise for the kiddies? How are you going to spin that one for me? “It’s Treesa tryna fight childhood obesity innit.”

Maybe it’s the steal your inheritance promise? Oh yeah, sorry I forgot! You work in fucking Argos now but it’s only a stop gap until you’re the CEO of Barclays, because you’re going to work really hard and get on. You won’t need your mam’s house will you? You’ll have fucking 10 by then. And no terrorist sympathiser is going to tax you an extra grand when you’re earning 80.

And don’t pretend that you give a fuck about Brexit either. You’re just glad we’re out. As far as you’re concerned it’s job done. Who gives a shit how worse off we’ll all be, at least we’ll make our own rules in our ever nearing dystopia, devoid of fucking human rights.

Maybe it’s their record? You know, the clusterfuck of borrowing whilst spending fuck all, like that one mate who gets twatted on a night out with a fiver but comes back with twenty quid.

Or maybe it’s doubling homelessness? Starving the poor people or driving the disabled to suicide?

Why the fuck would you vote for these greedy self serving parasitic psychopaths? Please tell me. I want to understand the mind of fucking idiot.

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2 thoughts on “Why are you voting Conservative? Serious question.”

  1. I’m gonna to vote Tory, coz I’m a poisonous weasel of a man, wholly devoid of any redeeming characteristics who everyone hates for being such an unbelievable and utter cunt, and when May wins I’ll be able to brag like a fucking three year old that first in the queue to sit on Jimmy Savilles lap at Christmas, that I’ve won something for the first time in my worthless cunting life.

    I’m working class, or was, I’m retired now so that makes me middle classed and I don’t give a fuck about anyones jobs or job prospects or kids education or the NHS or the elderly coz I’m alright Jack, and I’m living in a delusional shit bubble that the hammer house of fucking horrors Tory manifesto won’t affect me coz I’m also one of the thickest cunts ever to have walked this earth.

    Luv ‘n’ hugs
    A Noldcunt

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