Working class tories prove that propaganda works

I’ve written in depth before about the amount of fucking poor porn on the box, you know, the shite that really gets your blood boiling and your veins sticking out like someone from Kensington who’s inadvertently stumbled into an Aldi.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Channel 5 at literally any time of the day.

There’ll be some cocky fucking fat twat who’s one Tunnocks away from a fucking heart attack, crying that she can’t keep her fucking swarm of screaming gobshites in Coca Cola and KFC, on the mere 2 grand more a year than you earn actually fucking working for a living.

You’ll want to smash the fuck out of your tele. That’s what this shit is designed to do, and guess what? It fucking works.

Shit like this is why we have working class tories. Turkeys literally voting for Christmas.

People think if they rent a nice flat, have a fucking Nissan on HP and a 42″ plasma from Littlewoods, that they’re somehow middle class and should vote in the same way.

Get a fucking grip! You’re one Brexit triggered redundancy away from the fucking dole queue you stupid bastards.

The welfare state is flawed yes. People take the piss more than Bernard Manning in a mosque, but it’s just a tiny percentage.

It’s a fucking safety net. People need it from time to time, like the 500,000 public sector workers that Britain breaking bacon pumper sacked off after deciding he was in charge.

If you’re voting Conservative because “them scroungers have sky and a big telly” then you seriously need to evaluate you’re decision and read another paper other than The Sun and watch another channel, other than 5.

I can recommend a video The Guardian posted yesterday, about a disabled woman crawling around her poorly designed house with no wheel chair access.

She has to pay for her meds now and guess what? She can’t fucking afford them, so she goes without.


She lives off fucking milk for Christ’s sake, in Britain in 2017. She’s not the only one and if you vote for more of that you’re a fucking cunt. I don’t care what class you are.



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2 thoughts on “Working class tories prove that propaganda works”

  1. Fucking right. I work a traditionally working class job (because I’m a grubby prole) and have to hear about the Muslims all fucking day every day because you know… They’re the real problem apparently, not the really obviously rich bastard piss takers who’ve been doing so since before my grandad was born. AAAUUURRGGHHH!!! Obviously everybody should have the right to vote, I wouldn’t want to take that away from them. I just hope that all my fellow proles voting Tory get struck by lightening on the way to the polling station. Racism is playing a major role in what’s been going on the last few years and I haven’t got the patience to hear about how it’s not actually racism but a concern about ‘our’ culture anymore. That fucking ludicrous vehicle for xenophobia from the EDL crowd who are suddenly mysteriously concerned with womens and homosexual rights. Yeah… They share my culture alright. It’s just that they’d smash my fucking head in for wearing the wrong football shirt. Fuck them. As you say – Turkeys voting for christmas. They deserve everything they have coming. It’s just a shame that the rest of us are going to have to suffer as well.

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