Terrorist Sympathiser?

I wouldn’t worry. Even if Corbyn was a secret terrorist what’s he going to do?Knit you a cake? Yogurt bomb you? Or maybe he’s going to grow you a particularly sour lemon in his fucking allotment.

Put your Daily Heil down for one second and open your fucking eyes. You’ve been crying like a little bitch about the nasty banks and the rich getting richer for last 9 years.

Now there’s an actual alternative to the austerity driven, divisive, poor murdering status quo being offered up, and you don’t want it because he wears a suit from Asda and spoke to a cunt in 1983.

Theresa speaks to a cunt everyday.  You know, the one flinging his own excrement from the front bench whilst taking the piss out of foreigners, and shaking his head and stuttering like a parkinsons sufferer on speed.

Yes there are concerns.  Diane Abbot is about useful as a tissue condom, even with a sensible hair cut. And yes, John McDonell looks like a local working man’s club chairman.  You know, the guy who only drinks tomato juice and collects everyone’s 50p membership on payday.

I’d take actual clowns making mistakes whilst genuinely trying to help people, over psychopaths pretending to be clowns making no mistakes, whilst trying to hurt people.

The Conservatives make no fucking bones about it either. Fuck the foxes, that’s just a distraction.  They want you to work all your lives, pay your taxes then take your kids inheritance from them the moment you start shitting yourself.

If you haven’t already then watch the leaders Q and A from Channel 4 and Sky News yesterday.  You can choose soundbites and disdain or answers and passion.  The choice is yours.



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2 thoughts on “Terrorist Sympathiser?”

  1. I would suggest opening ears as well as opening eyes – and stop making judgements based on “edited highlights” from the man’s past. Truth is he has stayed the course. He has been a polition for many many years because he is passionate about what he can do for good via politics. How has he done this? He has been able to do this because his local constituents kept on electing him. (By getting of thier backsides and voting). He has always abided by his principles and values, he has always spoken up for what he believes in. He makes considered judgements and unless sorely provoked doesn’t use the language of confrontation, but that of inclusivity, equality and the common good. He provides an example of decent and reasoned human behaviour even when interrogated by the likes of Andrew Neil of Jeremy Paxman. He continues to speak from the heart. He may be an idealist (and it’s time somebody in politics had some and was brave enough to live by them) or even delusional to believe he can pay for let alone achieve what he proposes, but it is clear that what you see is what you get, with Mr Corbyn. He is not a career polition who speaks in soundbites or hackneyed phrases, he is man who responds genuinely from his long held belief system; that you may disagree with him is no reason to vilify him and says more about the person doing the vilifying than it does about Mr Corbyn. I for one am sick to death of sound bites, catch phrases, and the idiocy of PMQ’s – ALL politions are elected representatives of the people they represent, and wouldn’t be there if people didn’t vote them into office, so when will they please grow up and start providing a role model of decent, adult and intelligent respectful behaviour and properly debate important matters in the house of commons in an adult and productive way. FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM THERE. I digress. But you know what I mean. Generally people like to deal with people like them – so far removed from the experience of everyday folk is the behaviour of many high profile politions, that ordinary folk just don’t want to be associated with them and trust them even less. THAT’s is why people don’t vote – they have ceased to believe that many politions even know what it’s like to be in their shoes, or worse, couldn’t care less anyway. It’s why people feel disenfranchised – even though they are not prevented from voting in any legal sense, they feel their vote is wasted and their voices not heard, so why bother, in the end it feels like the same thing. BUT we don’t live in a dictatorship. We do have the chance to change who is in governement, Ask yourself who will likely represent and do the best for the majority of ordinary people, WE are the majority – WE can speak loudly – USE your vote!

  2. Corbyn did a far better job convincing me of his arguments on the TVs debate last night, better than May. Most of your statements are just vitriol, bias and stupidity. Are you reall trying to convince people to switch from May to Corbyn? Piss poor effort.

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