You think bloody difficult is a compliment

You think bloody difficult is a compliment

29th May 2017 Off By Tuckered

They’re right, you are a fucking difficult woman. Countless police and NHS staff stand in front you and tell you that everything has turned to shite.

Yet you don’t answer their questions though do you? You just parrot off your bullshit soundbites and rhetoric, like a terminally dull liar with mild tourettes, standing in a fucking burning building with a water pistol.

Careful with those micro expressions! It’s perfectly natural for politicians to express a flicker of shock or disdain at a question.

You fucking hate criticism though don’t you? Those crecent eyes turn into cold dead laser daggers, resting on your saggy hate bags, as your mouth gets stuck somewhere between a smirk and a ‘fuck you’.

Yes, if you hear something you don’t like, you look like someone has just shat in your living room, or even worse fed a fucking homeless man.

Corbyn wiped the floor with you today. The man has as much charisma as a fucking antique rug, but do you know why he won? Because he gave actual non scripted answers, treated people like humans and acted like a fucking human.

I’d call you May-Tron you’re so fucking robotic, but then you’d sound like something which would actually benefit the NHS.

Oh and stop trying to smile. People would have more time for you if you just left your expression at its default souless psychopath resting position.

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