Final Solution? You went full Nazi Katie

Final Solution? You went full Nazi Katie

24th May 2017 Off By Tuckered

Glancing your contorted hate filled donkey scrotum of a face, as I flick through 50 channels of shite is akin to finding a fucking lump on my bollocks, both unwelcome and terrifying.

You’re a Vulcan headed bile injected venom spitting arse tag, and a raised eye browed disdain dealing spunk chinned dick head divider.

You don’t just court controversy do you Katie? you marry it, abort its fucking children then smear the remnants over the pages of The Daily Mail before shitting on it and calling it a fucking article, you Pez dispenser of bollocks.

There are still children in intensive care. General Election campaigning has ceased, yet you couldn’t fucking wait to politicise this tragedy could you? Cheap point scoring and spreading your Nazi rhetoric like the cancer that it is.

Final solution? You make me fucking heave you callous hate filled cunt. You couldn’t even spell Manchester correctly. You were foaming at the bit to push your warped agenda, appealing to the senseless knuckle dragging gob shites who pay your wages.

You’re vermin. The lowest of the low. You deal in human misery and self righteousness. You’re an oxygen thief and a waste of space. A pantomime villain. You’re a fucking parody of yourself . Fuck you.


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