You’ve got 1 day left to register to vote…

You’ve got 1 day left to register to vote…

21st May 2017 Off By Tuckered

If you’re young then you’re probably sick to death of hearing this but for fuck sake register to vote.

For every one of you that can’t be arsed, there’s a 100 fucking pensioners already filling up their flasks, frothing at the bit to vote for Kim Jong May and her strong and stable attack on everything you hold dear.

Just do it. It takes 5 minutes, unless you’ve got debt collecters after you, in which case give it a miss because they’ll have your address and you’ll end up with that patronising old wig wearing cunt from ‘Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away’ on your doorstep.

The tories are going to win. There’s no doubt in my mind about that because people are fucking thick. That’s not an excuse not to vote though. At least you’ll be able to say you did your bit.

I don’t care who you vote for but just remember this….

The Tories have increased the national debt by £550 billion, doubled the amount of homeless people and plunged hundreds of thousands of children into poverty. The number of food banks has increased by 400% under them. Fucking food banks, in the fifth richest economy in world. That is madness.

Zero hour contracts are through the roof. The NHS is being sold off, dismantled and privatised. Disability benefit has been cut by £30 a week.

If you’re 5 minutes late to your job centre interview you can be sanctioned meaning you don’t get money to pay your bills or feed your kids. People are literally killing themselves as a result of these policies.

Pensions have decreased. Police funding has been cut. Public services like libraries and swimming pools have closed down. Sure Start Centres have closed. I could go on.

Basically if you give a shit about people who aren’t millionaires don’t fucking vote Conservative.

And if some bedraggled manic eyed hyper cunt, with teeth like the piano keys from from the film Big pops up on YouTube and tells you to rip up your polling cards, ignore the fucking twat.

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