Scrap free school meals?

Scrap free school meals?

19th May 2017 Off By Tuckered

Are you fucking serious? You don’t want to be Thatcher anymore do you? You want her to be remembered as a fucking soft touch.
Cruella is far too Disney. Let’s inject a bit of real culture into this campaign. You’ve gone full on Mr. fucking Bumble but you can’t have more if there’s fuck all to begin with.
You’re Mary Antoinette without the misquote. You’re not even going to give the kiddies bread, let alone cake.
And dementia tax, what? Are you hoping they’ll just fucking forget? You may as well send MP’s round dressed like fucking gas men ‘to read the meter’ before robbing the poor cunts blind.
They’ll still vote in their fucking droves though won’t they. Millions of deluded working class wankers who are convinced they’re middle class, because they have a Fiat 500 on HP and a fucking Smart TV from Littlewoods.
Yes, you and your merry band of media tycoons have got people one slip away from the dole hating everyone drawing it. What’s the Wizard of Oz’s next trick? Get people on minimum wage despising the NHS? Is this the direction in which we’re moving now?
That decomposing bile filled bollock could turn Lord Sugar against money for fuck sake.
Initially I thought you just didn’t want to win because Brexit is going to be a fucking shit storm. Now I’m not so sure.
You’re as arrogant as an ‘in talks with Netflix’ Clarkson and as out of touch as fucking Bez on crack.

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