If you want a glimpse of post Brexit UK go out on Mad Friday

By Tuckered 19th December 2017 0

The once a year drinker is a strange beast. Wearing a Georgio ArAsda jacket from circa ’97, he’s Mr. Quiet all year round, then like a shit Banana Man he magically transforms after a whiff of shandy. He becomes 70’s Bloke! An inexplicable brown kipper tie appears accross his chest and his trousers mysteriously flare. Every Jaeger Bomb unlocks a new twat level, and he goes from Clarksoned to Manninged in just 4 drinks.

Don’t worry about fake news when this shite is the ‘real’ alternative

By Tuckered 14th December 2017 0

In a world where high court judges trying to uphold the law are branded ‘enemies of the people’, and MP’s who vote to represent their constituents have their faces spunked all over the front pages of the right wing shit rags, like a fucking rogues gallery of Britain’s most wanted, then what harm is the odd story about Donald Trump being a piss connoisseur?