2018 and global politics is reduced to a Twitter dick swinging contest

2018 and global politics is reduced to a Twitter dick swinging contest

3rd January 2018 0 By Tuckered

Remember when a President’s address was an actual newsworthy event, carried out with reverence, forethought and a well authored speech?

Granted, Bush was thicker than northern gravy but that didn’t matter, surrounded by flags, standing at his lectern with a team of competents in the background made him almost believable in his role as the world’s most powerful man, in spite of him fucking up more than a three year old iPhone.

Fast forward to 2018 and Global politics is reduced to a nutter with Twitter. Long gone are the lecterns, the speech writers and the competents.

Now the most powerful man in the world is an illiterate, senility ridden, school yard bully with an ego bigger than his intellect.

There’s no planning. No delicate approach to dealing with potential foreign threats, just an unfiltered, unbalanced, reactionary torrent of potentially world ending diarrhea, shat out of the tiny fingers of a deranged orange shit wig stand whilst he takes a dump.

2018 may very well be our last year on earth, and if that’s the case we fucking well deserve it.

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